Monday, 29 October 2012

In the Sticks


A couple of weekends ago I drove up to my parents for a visit and thought it would make an excellent photo opportunity as I don't think I've really featured where I'm from too much on my little blog.

As some of you know, I'm originally from North Yorkshire but moved to live in the city of Manchester after I finished my degree in Birmingham.

I often post bits about thrift finds in the nearby towns of Settle and Skipton but I don't think I've posted much about the tiny little hamlet I'm from- and why would I? There's nothing there!

I don't really dress up much when I'm back at home as it generally isn't appreciated by the sprinkling of farmers and village folk I bump into.

On this visit, I thought it would be a good excuse to show off my new charity shopped faux fur coat (yet another to add to the collection!) I picked up in Manchester for a very reasonable £16.

Pictured with my gorgeous Jack Russell, Molly!

I'm wearing it with my new playsuit from Motel. I've had my eye on this style for a while so was very pleased to see it crop up at half price in their sale!

The floral print on it is absolutely gorgeous. You can't see, but it also has a cool cut-out back detail.

Gold Cross Earrings: £4, Topshop; 'K' Necklace: Vintage

Here's some pictures of my surroundings. I'm no photographer and it was a pretty miserable day but you'll get the idea!

Penyghent (one of the 'three peaks')

Have a great week!




Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Little Black Dress


Last week I popped along to an event held by

The event was held to celebrate the website's new party dress collection and also to unveil their own design 'ultimate little black dress'. sells, you guessed it, dresses, as well as accessories and jewellery; stocking brands like Rise, House of Dereon and more recently, Reiss.

My blogger friend Bex and I went along. She's only recently started her blog- it's lovely so you should go and show her some love!

Being the absolute moron that I am, I began snapping away only to realise later on in the evening that I'd left my SD card sticking out the side of my laptop...

Hence the reason that the below two pictures are the only decent few in the post, because Bex took it! The rest were taken on my barely adequate phone...

Jumper: H&M; Leather Look Backpack: Charity Shop; Tie Dye Midi Dress: Glamorous via Republic

My new Jeffrey Campbell Lana boots

The 'ultimate little black dress'

Bex in her cute bunny jumper!
The event was really fun and it was good to spot some familiar faces!

I'm sure Bex will have a post up soon if you want to see some better images ;)




Friday, 12 October 2012

Meet Lana...


Sorry for being away so long; I'd like to say that I've been really busy with work and other unpleasantries but truth be told, it was my birthday!

And birthdays mean lots of lounging around, being waited on hand and foot (hopefully), sat around drinking cocktails and scoffing birthday cake. For the past two weeks I've been in the birthday mindset and been totally lazy- my gym bag has been in my car, unused for three weeks! Oh dear...

Anyway, I wanted to share my fave birthday present which was gifted to me by my amazing boyfriend.

Drum roll please.


Another pair to add to the collection!

I've had my eye on them on Motel Rocks since they went live so was really chuffed to get them! They're so bloody high but amazingly comfortable- even more so than the Lita's, I would say; I think there's extra padding inside.

I love them because they're a bit different. I find that the Lita has been copied to death and there are so many good fakes that sometimes I go out in mine and doubt that anyone knows the difference. These are really quirky; I love the curved heel, cut out back and the distressing around the toe. They're really unique.

If they look a little scuffed it's because I'd already been out in them. Far too keen.

The Jeffrey Campbell shoe boxes are always so lovely with pretty illustrations on them.

I wore them out on my birthday and lasted all night without blisters or having to limp, dance standing on the spot or taking them off- a feat rarely achieved by most of my other shoes!

I also wore them out to the cinema earlier this week (watched Looper, it was brilliant!). This is what I wore:

Earrings: Car boot sale; Patterned blouse: £3.50, charity shop; Cuff: Portugal; Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell @ Motel Rocks


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