Friday, 12 October 2012

Meet Lana...


Sorry for being away so long; I'd like to say that I've been really busy with work and other unpleasantries but truth be told, it was my birthday!

And birthdays mean lots of lounging around, being waited on hand and foot (hopefully), sat around drinking cocktails and scoffing birthday cake. For the past two weeks I've been in the birthday mindset and been totally lazy- my gym bag has been in my car, unused for three weeks! Oh dear...

Anyway, I wanted to share my fave birthday present which was gifted to me by my amazing boyfriend.

Drum roll please.


Another pair to add to the collection!

I've had my eye on them on Motel Rocks since they went live so was really chuffed to get them! They're so bloody high but amazingly comfortable- even more so than the Lita's, I would say; I think there's extra padding inside.

I love them because they're a bit different. I find that the Lita has been copied to death and there are so many good fakes that sometimes I go out in mine and doubt that anyone knows the difference. These are really quirky; I love the curved heel, cut out back and the distressing around the toe. They're really unique.

If they look a little scuffed it's because I'd already been out in them. Far too keen.

The Jeffrey Campbell shoe boxes are always so lovely with pretty illustrations on them.

I wore them out on my birthday and lasted all night without blisters or having to limp, dance standing on the spot or taking them off- a feat rarely achieved by most of my other shoes!

I also wore them out to the cinema earlier this week (watched Looper, it was brilliant!). This is what I wore:

Earrings: Car boot sale; Patterned blouse: £3.50, charity shop; Cuff: Portugal; Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell @ Motel Rocks




  1. These are amazing!!! I've literally just stared at them for 5 minutes! I love Jeffery Campbell shoes but these are so individual and cool.
    Really like your blog, following you :)

  2. They're gorgeous! I love the curved heel and the distressing on the toes, the colour is so gorgeous too!

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  3. I seriously have fallen in love with these shoes......
    I am going to have to hide my card in order to stop me from buying them right now...
    Anyway, you have such great style, happy to be your newest follower! xx
    pls, turn the word verification off, it's a real pain... :)
    Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

  4. Wow these Lana's are amazing!!! Your outfit looks so effortless! Lovely :)

    Loving your blog, am now a follower

    Amy xx

  5. Ahhhh they are so beautiful! I've never seen the Lana style before! love your blog, I've just started following :) Nice to see a northern blogger!
    Rachelle x


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