Thursday, 22 November 2012

Simple DIY Collar


This is just a quickie to show you a really simple DIY I did the other week.

Take one old stiff-collared shirt; this may or may not be a cheap rag you bought to dress up as a slutty school girl for freshers week and, depressingly, no longer fits *cough*.

Then simply snip the collar off! Use fabric scissors and cut really close to the seam to make the edges look tidy.

And voila!

Perched on my new bowler hat

Poor photo taken on my phone!

I added a collar chain that I picked up for around £3 from Forever 21 but for a more permanent fixture, you could add studs or sequins.

Here's some inspiration...
Stud collar, £15, Asos

Cross embellished collar, £15, Asos

Studded collar, £29, Etsy
And there you have it! Gives plain tops a bit of an update and they're much cheaper to do yourself!

Have you customised anything lately?


Foxy x

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Oxfam Originals


A couple of weeks ago I went along to a 'lock-in' event at Manchester's Northern Quarter Oxfam Originals shop.

If you live in or around Manchester but have never been to the Oxfam Originals shop, I would highly recommend a visit.

It's somewhere I read about long before moving to Manchester. A charity shop only stocking original vintage clothing with no rummaging through rails of past season Primark miniskirts and embroidered nylon nasties- sounds great, no? Though I must admit that I enjoy the rummaging.

When I first took a look around the shop a year or so back, I was browsing with the wrong frame of mind. I found it overpriced and a bit pointless; what with the fantastic range of vintage shops that the Northern Quarter boasts and plenty of typically-priced charity shops around the area where I live.

I've since come to learn that this particular shop shouldn't be lumped in with either of these places. Think of it a more reasonably-priced vintage shop, with the proceeds going to a good cause, rather than an expensive charity shop and you're sure to love it as much as I now do.

The shop:

Jam-packed rack
Men's accessories and jewellery cabinet
Bag and shoe selection
Fab range of ties my dad would love
some fab 80s belts

As you can see, there's a really good selection of gent's stuff as well.

I didn't get my camera in over the treats table, but you'll have to take my word that there was an incredible selection of delicious cakes!

Had an awesome cup of tea in some vintage china too.

With 10% off everything, would be rude not to pick something up! I got this great acid wash oversized denim shirt for £9.99.

Wool bowler hat: £3 (sale), Primark (old); Earrings: £4, Topshop; Scarf: Charity shop; Leather look backpack: £1.10, charity shop; Necklace: Vintage

Do you think there should be more charity shops like this one, or does it take away from the experience?



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