Wednesday, 26 December 2012

From a Galaxy Far Away...

Or Yorkshire as it were!

Yep, I'm back home in the countryside for Christmas and thought I'd use the extra time off for a quick post.

Unfortunately, it's not Christmas-related (I got far too caught up in the day to do proper photos etc.) but in fact a little outfit I wore to brave the shops for a bit of last minute present shopping.

I've been dying to show you this awesome sweatshirt I bought recently from Veronica Fever- a cool independent brand selling cool customised clothing, all by one talented lady.

Looking moody thanks to absence of the boyfriend to take photos and make me smile- I hate tripods!
Sweatshirt- Veronica Fever
Faux Fur Coat- car boot sale
Beanie Hat- Honour Over Glory
Earrings- Topshop
Shorts- made by me from thrifted jeans
Boots- Dr Martens

I opted for the very blogger-esque tie dye one with a double CC drip galaxy motif, but she makes other very cool ones; the Jurassic Park one is next on my list!


I'm not normally one to do posts raving about a brand but I love coming across unique little places to buy things and knew I had to share this one!

Have you come across any amazing sellers/e-shops recently?


Foxy x


  1. Love that jumper. Always good to discover new little shops. Merry Christmas x


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