Sunday, 24 March 2013

Easy DIY: Floral Shades


I don't know about anyone else but I'm thoroughly sick of the weather in the UK! I swear it decides to snow whenever I want to do anything. Despite the plummeting temperatures, last week I decided to do a quick summery DIY to cheer up the miserable day!

I remember being completely taken by the 3D flower sunglasses from A-Morir last summer; they're so beautiful and perfect for festivals.

The A-Morir 'Phillips' and 'Cass' styles:

These styles will set you back around £200-300. They're handmade to order and I'm sure are worth every penny, though at that price, they'd cost around the same as the holiday itself for me!

Taking inspiration from these, I thought I'd have a go at making my own.

First, you'll need a cheap pair of sunglasses.

I bought a couple of wayfarer styles from Primark- can't a wrong for £1 a pair.

You'll also need some 3D plastic flowers with a flat base.

You should be able to find some in any good craft/bead/jewellery making shop. I got mine from a bead shop in Affleck's Palace, Northern Quarter, Manchester- also my go to place for cool charms for jewellery making! The have an online shop too, here.

Pretty handily, they had some strips of three linked flowers in various colours which saved a lot of time and effort. A three-link flower was 50p a piece.

Then simply glue your chosen flowers to the specs wherever you like. I simply added a strip of three to either side at the top, but you could go all out and add single pieces all around the rim.

(I used Loctite superglue if anyone needs a good glue recommendation. I've found it to be the best I've come across for this sort of thing)

And voila!

Total cost £2 a pair! What do you think?

I think these make a great alternative to a flower crown, don't you?

Have you come across any cool summer DIYs lately?


Foxy x


  1. these are gorgeous. definitely going to be trying them out! the bead shop in afflecks palace is so great for diys. love it!

    lola x

  2. Great DIY - Primark have some great coloured frames too so I may make some OTT bright ones!

  3. I love that bead shop in Manchester. I went there a few years ago when I was visiting my husbands sister. x

  4. Haha such a rad idea! Really cute :) following. xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  5. i've been meaning to do this DIY - those glasses are so cool! thanks for the handy link to that shop though - i tried ebay for flowers and hardly anywhere was shipping to ireland! :(

  6. Great DIY project! I adore that bead shop as well, it's like a treasure trove!
    Think I'll definitely try and make some floral shades for myself ... although I'm not sure when I'll get to wear them since the weather in the UK really is just horrible :(

  7. Oh my god these are amazing!! Never thought to DIY these, defo going to try this!

    Rhiannon xx

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