Friday, 1 March 2013

The Midas Touch


So, earlier this year I said that I wanted to offer a bit more on my blog and share any cool, independent brands that I might happen to come across that I think my readers might like.

Recently I've found Instagram to be really great for discovering new brands. A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon one that really caught my eye for all the right reasons- House of Midas.

They're stuff is so up my street, they've practically crashed into my flat door! It's very 80s-inspired, some of the stuff reminds me a lot of vintage Versace jewellery, and all gold which is perfect for me- you aren't likely to ever see me wearing silver!

I got in touch with them to see if I could get a little bit more information on the brand and their inspirations. This is what they said;

We're a new brand, launched at the beginning of the year. Drawing inspiration from 80's & 90's iconic jewellery collections. We are constantly adding new pieces to the site and in the near future we are bringing out some branded beanies & Tshirts.

They were also kind enough to give me a special code for free UK delivery- just for my blog readers!

Just enter 'fox' at the checkout.

These pieces are next on my list.

Golden Touch Pendant, £12

Snaffle Beanie in Black, £17.50

The prices are really reasonable so I thought it'd be rude not to order a few bits! Here's what I bought initially.

Golden Touch Ring, £8

Midas Touch Bracelet, £10
Neptune Hoop Earring, £10

Here's an outfit I wore into town to do a bit of shopping last weekend when I wore all the pieces. The Ragged Priest beanie and Vans flatform trainers were both Christmas presents from Chris. Boy did good!

Beanie: The Ragged Priest
Earrings, Bracelet, Lion Head Ring: House of Midas
Necklace: Vintage
Lion Head Link Belt: Vintage
Leopard Velvet Burnout Dress:
Trainers: Vans

Have you come across any great new brands recently?


 Foxy x


  1. Hi there-a fab brand, right up my street as a lover of 90s Versace, funnily enough I found a Versace style belt at the vintage fair which is just amazing! Love your pieces and I'll be checking their site out properly as well! xx

  2. Cool items!


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