Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sunday Girl


I started getting into the habit of blogging every Sunday but as you can probably see, it didn't last long!

Once again I feel like I've been all over the place recently. I'm originally from North Yorkshire, my boyfriend whom I live with is from Warwickshire and we both went to uni in Birmingham so we're constantly all over the country seeing friends and family.

Last weekend I was in Birmingham for a uni friend's birthday and the weekend before I went out in Leeds with one of my oldest and best friends. It was in Leeds that some nasty person decided to steal my phone- boo!

Any time which could've been spent blogging was occupied with eating McDonald's (and other, not so well-franchised fast food eateries) and feeling sorry for myself. I'm thoroughly sick of my old phone and am bidding on a new one as I type!

Last week I took the opportunity to grab a quick outfit snap after work so I'd have something to post about!

Fluffy Jumper- Oh My Love
Trousers- Topshop
Boots- eBay (these)
Cross Earrings- Primark
Gold Chain- Charity Shop

This is typically what I'd wear to work which is fairly smart/casual. I'm so in love with this fluffy 90s-style jumper from Oh My Love. Seriously impressed with my first order from them.

These chunky platform boots are pretty 90s too and have rarely been off my feet since they arrived- an eBay bargain at £19.99.

Another reason I snapped this outfit was because I've got my new glasses on! I was lucky enough to win a money off voucher with online glasses store Firmoo with Maddy from Unstitchedd's blog giveaway! If you're after a cheap pair of fashionable glasses, you should really check them out.

I don't normally wear lipstick to work either but wanted to do a quick review of a little product from Lush I picked up recently.

It's the lip scrub in bubblegum and sells for £5.25 a pot.

I wanted to try this as I wear lipstick quite often at weekends and find that if my lips are a little dry, it doesn't always apply so well and spoils the effect.

The scrub is made of natural sugar and you simply scrub a little product into your lips with your finger and lick off the excess. Trust me, this stuff smells and tastes so nice, you'll find you put on a little more than necessary!

This is a really great step to add in before applying a lip balm to make sure your lips are silky smooth.

It also comes in 'Mint Julip' and 'Popcorn' flavours which also sound amazing!

Sorry for the thrown-togetherness of this post!

I went to a really great blogger event on Thursday so I've got a post on that coming up which should have much more direction!


Foxy x



  1. I love your hair :)

    I also blog every Sunday too!

    Charlie - xx

  2. I bought thats jumper too but sadly had to return it as it was so static-y? Looks gorge on you though Katie :)

    XOXO Sade

  3. Lovely photos, I really like your outfit here.


  4. I love this post because it is very very interesting.Thanks you very much for shearing this article

  5. Hi! Just found your blog and love this post! The shoes are actually to die for - I'm definitely going to buy them! Also, I'm currently absolutely in love with Lush products and can't get enough of their lip scrubs. I never used to wear lipstick because my lips were constantly chapped, but now I use their Popcorn lip scrub and wear their 'It Started with a Kiss' tinted lip balm almost every day.

    Looking forward to reading back through the rest of your posts :)

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Aurora, I wouldn't recommend buying the shoes, I love them but they broke spectacularly at the weekend! xxx

    2. You're welcome :)
      Oh no! Hmm, maybe I'll just hunt for some lookalike shoes then!


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