Friday, 28 June 2013

Another Brick in the Wall


Today brings an outfit I wore to the cinema last weekend. I actually took these afterwards; I'm always late so any chance of getting pictures beforehand is pretty unlikely.

I think the late hour might have something to do with my weird facial expressions (seriously, these were the best of the bunch!) coupled with the fact that I was a bit too aware of my surroundings.

This is a new photo location you see. It's actually just outside my flat's front door. I wanted to try it out as I like red brick backdrops, trouble is it's sort of in public and I embarrass easy, gahhh.

Oh and if you're interested, I watched World War Z. I thought it was okay. The 'zombies' were pretty scary as they were fast motherfuckers (the worst kind! Bring on the shufflers please if there's ever a zombie apocalypse) but it was a little too Hollywood for a zombie movie if you ask me. The boyfriend wasn't all that impressed as he really loves the book and it's pretty different apparently.

Anyway- enjoy the look!

Oversized denim jacket: charity shop
Célize Bag tank: Unif Clothing
Belt: charity shop
Disco pants: American Apparel
Nike Low Blazers: Get The Label

Check me out in my new Unif top! I've wanted something from Unif for ages but I'd yet to order anything from the U S of A (despite all the cool LA brands I drool over on Instagram daily!) because of the hassle of it all really.

However I couldn't resist when Unif posted up a 30% off code back in May so i snapped up their Célize Bag top.

It was still fairly pricey, took what seemed like forever to come and then when it did, I had a customs fee to pay but it was so worth it- it's awesome.

Even though it's all intentionally distressed and covered in holes and probably looks like something you'd find in a skip, it's actually a really nice quality and soft thanks to the Modal mix fabric.

And was I the last to know about Glamorous stocking Unif? Excellent news but there's like nothing left now, boo! Does anyone know if they're restocking?

Obligatory face shot. Don't know what's going on in these pictures, my head looks massive!

Let me know what you think of the brick wall.


Foxy x

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It's not ideal as I've neglected Bloglovin' in the past and many have suggested that Google Friend Connect won't be around much longer which isn't great news to all the bloggers who've worked really hard to build up their following. 

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  1. LOVE this outfit so much you look gorgeous, and a good deal on that top! I've not really worn my disco pants recently, been looking for some inspiration on how to wear them and I love how you've styled them here. And your head doesn't look big!


  2. What a great outfit - wouldn't usually be something I'd go for, but might be tempted to try it out now I've seen it styled up.

    Gorgeous pics too - loving that brick wall!!

  3. great look !!!

    have followed you with bloglovin :)

    p.s your head does not look massive ha


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