Saturday, 22 June 2013

Home Sweet Home


I've been a bit shit on the blogging front again, sorry about that.

I've had loads of exciting stuff come through my emails recently so I'm hoping I'll have lots more to share in the next few weeks.

Last weekend I went home (North Yorkshire) to for Father's Day so had the opportunity to take a few snaps in the picturesque surroundings; one of the up sides to living in the middle of nowhere!

Lion head earrings- eBay (here)
Lion Head necklace- eBay (here)
Black crop tee- Primark
Vintage skirt- swapped with friend
Oversized denim jacket- charity shop
Belt- charity shop
Bag- charity shop
Boots- Dr Martens

Couldn't resist taking a cheesy picture with the old phone box in our back yard!

How pretty is my skirt? Not sure it's all that me but love it all the same. This was part of my haul from a 'swap' night my friend hosted. Such a good idea! We were all like giddy kids rifling through each others' stuff in a big mound on the floor.

I love my chunky gold 80s-inspired lion head jewellery. I picked both of these up from eBay. You can get them for something ridiculous like 99p each from Chinese sellers but I wanted them to arrive more quickly so got my earrings here and necklace here.

I recently bought all the kit (really cheaply, about £25) to do Shellac gel nails at home and the above are my first attempt.  They turned out really well. I've just soaked these off and they lasted two weeks which is fab for me as it's a bit of a running joke among friends that I can never be arsed to do my nails! Let me know if you'd like a post on these with a tutorial and where to get the bits from.

Also got a pic with my Pops! Hope this embarrasses him as I know him and my mum sneakily read my blog- the devils!

Did you have a nice Father's Day?


Foxy x

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  1. Great pics - I think that skirt does suit you, looks fab!

    I didn't realise you could do shellac at home - recently had a pedi that lasted for weeks.

    Was a bit of a bugger getting it off but totally worth it :D

  2. Your families garden is amazing!

  3. I <3 your skirt, it's totes Minkpink! Please invite me to your next swapshop if you do one :) I may set one up soon as I have waaaay too much stuff that I don't wear and needs a good home.

  4. I love visiting home and having a great countryside backdrop too! You garden is amazing, I'd love an old phonebox in mine :)
    Your outfit is cute too, great to see a fellow charity shopper :)
    Rachelle x

  5. You're so pretty! The colour of your skirt really suits you - it's definitely very 'you'! Also, I'd definitely be interested in a tutorial for your nails :3

  6. awww how cute getting a picture with him!!

    you have a great blog

    new blogger here from manchester


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