Saturday, 1 June 2013

South Beach Blog Party


I thought I'd share another event that I've been at recently, though this one's a bit special as it was organised by little old me!

I don't think I've really mentioned work much on my blog but for anyone who might be interested, I work for an imports/wholesale company who supply lots of high street and online clothing and accessories shops. My title is Website Coordinator which, let me tell you, covers a hell of a lot!

We do a lot of swimwear so last year decided to launch a brand; South Beach- who do lots of gorgeous colourful biknis, swimsuits kaftans and cover-ups. Definitely check them out if you're going away somewhere hot this summer.

As Website Coordinator I've been very much involved with promoting the launch handling all the marketing, website, social yadda yadda... SO deciding to put my lovely blogger contacts to good use, I organised a blog event!

It was held at the fabulous Frurt frozen yogurt shop in Spinningfields, Manchester. We thought it would be really fitting and summery; and frozen yogurt is reasonably healthy right? (I'm justifying adding Hershey's Cookies and Creme chocolate to mine that way) So perfect if you're trying (and failing) to get bikini ready this summer like me.

I was flapping around the office like a mad person on the day, packing goody bags, cleaning glasses and generally panicking that no one would turn up- all made worse when the sky turned grey and it poured down, Manchester style! Luckily, like some divine miracle, as soon as we got there the sun came out which looked amazing shining through the big glass front of the shop.

Most importantly, people came.

Here are some of the photos I took (as the 'official' photographer haha).

My strawberry prosecco bellinis

I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar- true story. Having been a barmaid for a number of years comes in handy from time to time in life, as witnessed above with my yummy strawberry prosecco bellinis (very easy to make) which I think went down pretty well!

Lovely bloggers Amy ( Clara (, Victoria ( and Rosy (

Gorgeous ladies Sindy (, Lily ( Martyna ( and Ashleigh ( 

Martyna (, Lily ( and Lola/Fikki (
Beaut ladies Megan (, Charlotte (, Danielle ( and Frances (

Frances (, Joanna (, Danielle ( and Lola (

And the only picture of me on the night below.

Me: T shirt- vintage shop in Manchester; Jeans- American Apparel; Brooklyn T-bar wedges- Jeffrey Campbell

With, of course, the lovely Sarah of Fashion Dotty- she looked amazing!

I also stuck the Vita Coco cabinet on the side (it's not all distorted and pink and surrounded by stars in real life- though it should be) as I thought these guys deserved a mention. I'm not all that keen on the plain coconut water but the staff at Frurt made us some UH-mazing fruity mocktails with this stuff and they were to die for! They also set up a beachy deckchair and palm tree for us which you might have seen as a prop in some of the bloggers' posts.

There's a few more pictures of the event here too.

Sorry for anyone I've missed pictures of, it got quite busy at one point and there wasn't much room to get down to the bottom of the venue with my camera. I know in particular Rosie and Maria, I didn't seem to get you!

I had such a stressful good time organising the event; I can't remember who said it but one of the girls said to me on arrival that it must be like organising your own birthday party- you can't enjoy yourself until you're actually there which I could definitely identify with!

Big thanks to Frurt and Vita Coco for giving us all something lovely to eat/drink and HUGE thanks to all of the bloggers who took time out of their days to come down and check it out. From the bottom of my heart, I was really touched by the turnout and the lovely feedback on the event and range.

If you want to see what any of the bloggers thought, try searching #SouthBeachBlog party on Twitter for posts and also on Instagram too for pictures.

Much love,

Foxy x



  1. Such gorgeous snaps, it seemed like an awesome event! Well done you for organising it all, I love the piccie of you and Sarah. <3


  2. Congratulations for organising this all on your own! It looks like it was a great event and that loads of people turned up - definitely a success :) I love Frurt as well, it's such a great shop. I'm jealous of all the delicious froyo and swimwear you all got to enjoy!

  3. Looks like great fun, that ice cream, yum!

    Kylie x

  4. Great pictures, the event looks fab! The clothing looksped great at the fabbevent too! Found your blog from the #fabbbloggersmanc sheet and followed
    Beth May Blogs
    My Bloglovin


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