Wednesday, 21 August 2013

It was a Good Day


If the Ice Cube reference was lost on you then the post title probably sounds a little juvenile- a bit like what you wrote in your diary at primary school...

Anyway, today was good day.

Here's what I wore.

Gold and pearl earrings: Car boot sale
Gold chunky lion head necklace: eBay
Black crop tee: Forever 21
Belt: Charity shop
High waist jeans: American Apparel
Bag: La Moda (sample sale)
Nike Low Blazers: Get the Label

So why was it such a good day?

It was one of those days where nothing was planned but it was eventful all the same.

I decided pretty spontaneously to get the next tattoo that I've wanted for a while (not that spontaneous at all then) so popped into town to Manchester Ink- would recommend these guys by the way.

I think I mentioned in my last post that I've recently been on a bit of diet. I did a two-week complete detox to kick it off and had been looking forward to a weekend treat for what seemed like forever.

I was therefore more than happy to hear from Barburrito recently who offered to treat me and a guest to meals at one of their outlets!

I wouldn't have actually thought to try them out but I was so impressed with the selection of fillings for their burritos, friendly staff (Manchester Picadilly branch- thanks guys!) and colourful decor. Chris was very pleased that I chose to take him along (he loves American/Mexican food) and made the most of his burrito by having a triple steak version. So greedy haha...

After this, we decided to go to the cinema and watch the new Gosling film, Only God Forgives. Of course Chris got the times wrong (rookie mistake trusting a man with such responsibility; should've known better) so we got there around 25 minutes after it had started.

The next showing was over two hours later and after considering going home and coming back, we instead chose to stay in town and have a few drinks!

It was absolutely pouring down and we got soaked on the way to the pub but it was great to curl up on a big sofa with a few beers for a couple of hours afterwards.

The film was really good (but very violent- be warned!), though not quite as good as Drive (is anything that's come out since?) and we didn't get home until late.

So it was an action-packed day!

I love being out all day and getting into bed absolutely knackered at the end of it, don't you?


Foxy x



  1. Love your outfit, especially your belt! :) x

  2. cool outfit, I have the same necklace :)

  3. I love your blog

  4. I love your outfit, you look so cool!! Those kicks are awesome.

    Barburrito sounds amazing, my town has a serious lack of good Mexican food :( I really want to see Oly God Forgives, I too loved Drive.


  5. I really love that outfit. I had my tattoo done my Dan at Manchester Ink, they are all so lovely down there and my boyfriend is currently part way through a large piece with Gaz :) Barburrito is my favourite restaurant ever. NOM! :) x


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