Sunday, 29 September 2013

Mallorca: Day One


Wow, these posts are so overdue.

Earlier this month (a lot earlier), I landed back in the UK from a fab week away in Mallorca with the man, in a little town called S'illot on the South East coast.

It was a pretty cheap holiday but just what we needed, a week to relax by the sea. I think the holiday was even more relaxing due to increased stress levels just before we went. I won't bore you with the details but less than a week before flying, the company we booked our hotel with went into insolvency so we essentially lost the booking and it was touch and go as to whether we'd be going at all! Thankfully I booked on my credit card so we got the money back in the end- lesson to be learnt there!

I made sure I, well Chris, took plenty of photos so that I could do a holiday diary blog with a new post for every day we were there. Bear in mind I didn't take my DSLR so these are all taken on a not-so-great point and shoot. Enjoy day one!

Having just arrived and looking typically pasty!

Sunglasses- Ray Ban
Denim cut off shorts- vintage jeans + DIY
Sandals- Vagabond

Into the Night

I'm much more of a night person than morning so one thing I love about being on holiday is that you don't need to put a time on anything. I especially like enjoying the sun until the very last moment and generally going out late at night to eat/drink and not having to worry about getting up in the morning.

Before leaving, we'd checked Trip Advisor for the best places to go in the evening. I'm all for stumbling across amazing places all by yourself but sometimes it's good to have a little guidance.

We went on the hunt for the top-rated restaurant which was close to where we were staying but somewhat off the beaten track.

It was a really nice walk along a rocky coastline, away from the main strip of bars and restaurants. We found that down this way was where most of the locals lived.

On the way we stumbled on a mini local food market with stalls selling all kinds of local produce like olives, wine, preserves, meat and cheese.

I did these outfit shots on a cliff by the sea- not that you can tell because it was so dark up here!

Earrings- vintage
Dress- Lavish Alice
Clutch bag- vintage via charity shop
Sandals- Primark

I got this Lavish Alice dress at a sample sale in Manchester my work took part in. I couldn't resist trying this dress on and once I did, I fell in love! It was little over a tenner so it would've rude not to. It's now sold out on their site but I managed to find it here and here- though it's much more expensive!

The restaurant!

It felt slightly weird going to an Italian on our first night in Spain but with loads of fresh Spanish seafood and ingredients on the menu and a spectacular view of the Mallorcan sea you soon forget that!

The food here was insane. I had handmade spaghetti with seafood and I think it has to be the best meal I had all holiday. It was really reasonably-priced and the Italian guy who owned it was great, he was so knowledgeable about the food. We went back to 'Mama Mia' on our last night too (something I never do on holiday!), it was so good!

Look out for my day two post coming soon!


Foxy x


  1. great post! I hope to see you in my blog sometimes. thanks!
    following you now!
    Kisses from VV!!

  2. These photos remind me I need a holiday soon.. Great cutout dress.
    Adela x


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