Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Meet The Brick


I don't usually do reviews but couldn't pass up the chance to get my hands on this!

'The Brick' by Binatone is a retro-looking mobile phone with added mod cons.

While having plenty of cool nostalgic features such as old school ringtones, the game Snake and a ridonkulous one-month standby battery life (hands up if you remember when you didn't have to charge your phone every day...); you can connect The Brick to your smartphone via Bluetooth to access your music and contacts.

First off, it looks pretty cool. Don't get me wrong, I'd feel like a bit of a prat carrying it around town and having a conversation on it (Dom Joly anyone?) but at home, it makes a great display piece- a few visitors have already commented on it! Always a lover of anything 80s, my Brick looks quite at home sat next to my record player and old Roberts radio.

I mentioned you can play music through this- it makes a pretty good speaker! It played my smartphone music really well using the Bluetooth (you can also put your SD card in it) and it's louder than my usual phone's speaker. Win.

Also, did I mention it has a torch?! Amazing.

I totally get the idea behind this, it's a bit of a joke isn't it, so don't be fooled into thinking The Brick offers much more than a fun take on modern technology.

Personally, I think it's a really cool piece of kit to use around the house- I'd love to try the home phone version.

Available now at Carphone Warehouse for £49.99, it's not too expensive so I think it'd make a great present for a retro-loving relative. I may pass mine on to my Dad, who still uses my 10 year old Samsung which was a flip phone- remember those?!

I thought seeing as I was featuring a 80s-style phone I'd show you this 80s gem I picked up recently whilst charity shopping. 80s, check. Gold, check. Shoulder pads, checkcheckcheck. Love it. Bargain at £3.99!

What piece of retro gadgetry do you miss most?


Foxy x


Sunday, 20 October 2013

Mallorca: Day Three


Time for another holiday post.

On day three we pretty much just bummed about on the beach and I didn't really wear anything of much interest (unless you want to see my non-model-like bod in a bikini. You don't) so I've just got some pictures from the evening.

I say evening, though I think it was gone 10pm before we even headed back out. We stayed on the beach as long as possible and chilled out on our balcony drinking beer until it went dark.

We were going to go to a nice restaurant this night but because it got so late and we'd already drank a bit, we decided we wanted to go to a beach bar on the sea front and get some ribs and cocktails!

Ace plan.

Here's what I wore:

Floral crown- Rock n Rose (sample sale)
Cross earrings- Primark
Dress- Sparkle & Fade (via Urban Outfitters)
Bag- vintage (charity shop)
White sandals- Primark

Me and the fella are die hard White Russian fans and we found a similar cocktail they seemed to do everywhere called a 'Coco Loco'. I think there are a few variations on it but it's typically rum, vodka, coconut liquor and coconut cream. Anyone who knows me well knows I fricking love coconut anything!

I brought some coconut liquor home so that I can make some here. 

What's your favourite cocktail?


Foxy x

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Unboxing: Jeffrey Campbell Platrane Boots


I thought I'd break up the holiday posts with some birthday fun.

Yes, I turned 24 earlier this month. Really must update my bio...

I had such an awesome birthday this year. The celebrations spanned two weeks with my boyfriend, family and then finally friends this weekend just gone.

My boyfriend bought me some new Jeffrey Campbells- yeah he did!

I had my eye on the Platranes, platform stacked gorgeous cousin of the ever-popular Coltrane boot, for a while which apparently didn't go unnoticed. I love them!

Black jumper- H&M
Isis print skirt- Freak of Nature via ASOS

Some chair posing! This brown leather tub chair is a recent addition to my flat. For anyone interested, it's from Lakeland Furniture who do lots of reasonably-priced lovely furniture like this!

I've had my Platranes on non-stop; they're seriously comfy for anyone wondering what they're like to wear.

They got a very stylish outing last week when I wore them for the Vogue Fashion's Night Out in Manchester. Hopefully I'll be able to cobble together a post from the sparse selection of pictures I took.

I think you'll be seeing these babies a lot more!

What shoes are you currently digging?


Foxy x

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Mallorca: Day Two


Here you have the second installment of my holiday diary.

On holiday, I always have to go and visit a local market; I think it's been instilled in me from every family holiday I've been on- my parents love a good market!

Inca is where Mallorca's big market is held every Thursday but since we flew out on Thursday morning and were leaving again the following Thursday, there wasn't really an opportunity to go.

As we were lucky enough to have the resort's main bus stop right outside our hotel, it was pretty easy to get to nearby towns so we looked into other markets and chose to hop on the bus to Son Servera which wasn't too far away.

Son Servera holds a pretty large market every Friday with stalls ranging from jewellery, pottery and handbags to amazing local food and produce.

I bought one of these dreamcatchers!

All the stalls selling meats and cheeses have loads of samples for visitors to try- you could get a pretty good free lunch out of your trip if you wanted to!

Love a good churro- Spanish doughnuts for those not in the know. We had some of these amazing massive chocolate filled ones. Unsurprising that I put on about half a stone on this holiday!

Here's a few shots from back in the resort (S'illot). The second was the least sunny day we were there, though it was still nice and hot.

Sunglasses- Ray Ban
Pineapple print dress- ASOS (now in sale)
Leather backpack- charity shop

This was one of my favourite things in the resort. There was a little stretch of water running parallel to the sea with a bridge you could walk over- complete with it's own duck house! So cute that all the ducks loved it so much, they were always sitting on it!

Into the Night

This is what I wore in the eve...

Wearing my new fave Mac lippie (it's a creme sheen one called 'Lickable') and purposely did my holiday nails in a colour to match!

While we were in Son Servera, I managed to stumble across a Spanish charity shop. I didn't go hunting for one- honest!

It was pretty jumbled with just piles of stuff everywhere and no prices on anything. There were loads of folded jeans stacked up all over the place and eagle-eyed as I am, I spotted a pair of Levi 501s!

I decided that they probably wouldn't cost much so it didn't really matter too much if they didn't fit so grabbed them and took them to the cash desk and I was actually blown away- just €1! What's that, about 80p?

When i tried them on back at the apartment that evening and they fit like a glove, I couldn't resist wearing them out.

Earrings- House of Midas
Mesh top- Boohoo
Bandeau top- Tinned Bananas
Belt- charity shop
Levi 501 jeans- charity shop
Sandals- Vagabond

Thus concludes day two! Hope you aren't getting bored of these coz err, there's the rest of the week to come.

To be honest they're grating on me a bit- I'm bored of that bitch on holiday while it's raining here even though it's just me a few weeks ago!


Foxy x

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