Sunday, 17 November 2013

A Late One...


Wow this one's been a long time coming.

Feel like I've been so busy at the moment! I'm starting to get back on top of things; I had the day off work on Friday and literally just spent it tidying the house and clearing out loads of clothes to sell on eBay and Music Magpie. I'm aiming for buying myself a Vivienne Westwood bag in the new year sales so selling things justifies the expense I guess.

Bit of a different post but I thought it would be cool to post up my Halloween outfit. I had an awesome Halloween this year; I went to visit my uni buds from Birmingham and we just got very drunk at a house party.

I decided to be a generic vampire because I left it too late to think of anything witty or controversial. I toyed with the idea of being Miley Cyrus but the hair proved to be too much of a hurdle. Glad I wasn't as apparently everyone else had the same idea!

Earrings- Primark (old)
Choker- vintage via charity shop
Dress- vintage

I was excited by the prospect of wearing this dress again because I absolutely love it! It's an 80s Monsoon number I got for a friend's vintage-themed birthday. It hasn't fit me for a while but I've lost a bit of weight recently so I was pleased to get it zipped up!

It's lace and velvet so right on trend, which I always find pretty cool when you consider you're wearing something around 30 years old!

Halloween also means copious amounts of sweets- not just for the kids. Really trying to get back on a health kick at the moment before the next holiday of eating- Christmas!

The lovely people at The Gobbstopper recently offered to send me a jar of their sweets and as someone with a sweet tooth, I couldn't turn them down!

I chose some of my favourite sweets for my pick and mix jar: giant snowies (or jazzles as me and the other half call them!), blue raspberry bon bons and giant fizzy bubblegum bottles. It even arrived on October 31st- spooky coincidence?

The Gobstopper have a ridiculously huge selection of retro sweets and you can choose their pick and mix options like I did which come in a really nice Kilner jar. Perfect Christmas present for someone with a sweet tooth!

What did you get up to this Halloween? Do you prefer staying in with friends or going out?


Foxy x

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