Monday, 21 April 2014

(Bank) Holiday in the Sun


Hope you're all enjoying the remainder of the Bank Holiday weekend.

I'm so happy that we had some nice weather for once. I'm lucky enough to live right by a big park so thought it would be a shame to waste the sunshine and not take some photos.

Scrunchie- Junk Love
Sunglasses- Ray Ban
Earrings- DIY (see below)
Cropped tee- Forever 21
Belt- charity shop
Jeans- American Apparel
Sandals- Jeffrey Campbell (Mynt buckle sandal)

I don't think these Jeffrey Campbell Mynt gold buckle sandals have had an airing on the blog yet. I bought them in the Christmas sales after falling in love with them last year.

To be honest, I'm wearing them just for show; they absolutely KILL my feet. All my other JCs are so comfy so I was really surprised to find that these hurt so much. I think it's all the buckles, they rub like every edge of my foot. I had these on for about 15 minutes in the photos and I've now got two huge blisters. They are so beautiful but thinking that I may have to sell them!

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have seen me sporting these green pompom earrings at several opportunities this week.

I've seen them around the web and thought it would be easy enough to make some myself.

I picked up these fluffy pompoms for 30p each from a haberdashery in Manchester. You can of course make your own pompoms pretty easily with wool but I wanted some extra fluffy ones like these!

I got into making my own jewellery a while ago (with the intention to sell it but never got around to making enough...) so I have boxes full of all the bits and bobs (findings they're called in the biz).

I used gold earring hooks and some chain to dangle them from and then just attached a jump ring to the end of the chains and sewed them to the pompoms. You could of course just use a length of string or ribbon and sew that to the pompoms.

I love going to my local bead shop to pick up cool charms and once you've got all the findings, you'd be surprised at how easy it is to create a necklace, bracelet or earrings- cheap too!

I always found eBay a good place to pick things up cheaply. For beginners, it's really easy to get ready-made gold or silver plated chains in different lengths with the closures attached, then you'll just need jump rings (small hoops) to attach to your charm before you put it on your chain. You'll also need a set of pliers; if you search 'jewellery making pliers' you'll find collections of the different sorts to prise open jump rings, nip close the jump rings, cut wire etc.

If anyone would find a post on jewellery-making tips useful, do let me know.

How have you been spending your Bank Holiday weekend?

I went to Manchester Fashion Week on Saturday evening so look out for a post on that soon!


Foxy x



  1. Popping over from Manchester bloggers! Well done for making your own jewellery, I haven't got the patience for craft like this. Secondly, well done for choosing such an eye catching colour. Your ear rings really stand out against the your black and demin neutral outfit. Love the sandals. Look forward to hearing all about MCRFW!

  2. So lovely meeting you last night! I really love your blog :) love these earrings I might have to have a go at making my own jewelry too!

    Laura (Smile at style) :)



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