Saturday, 24 May 2014

Tia Maria Dark Room


Last weekend I was invited to Tia Maria's 'Dark Room' event in Manchester city centre for an evening of cocktails, beauty and music.

The event was curated by Radio One's very cool Gemma Cairney who DJ'd later in the evening and was there all night chatting to guests- she seemed really lovely.

On offer were a selection of Tia Maria cocktails. Being a massive fan of White Russians, my first choice was naturally the Tia Maria Skinny White Russain. I tried the other two cocktails as well; a Tia Maria Espresso and another which was mixed with Jamaican ginger beer which I think I actually liked best!

I came straight from work and it was completely by accident that I wore this new shirt by Monki which matched the Tia Maria colours perfectly!

I was really pleased to hear that WAH Nails were going to be at the event doing nail art as I've had the pleasure of having my nails done by the WAH team before and they really are amazing at what they do.

The team had come up with five designs exclusive to the event based on a Tia Maria colour palette. I chose a mottled overlay accent design with a gold tip and chose the purple slate coloured base for the rest of my nails. They looked so good and lastest for ages.

Toni & Guy were also present doing some amazing hairstyles for guests though as you can see, my hair was due a good wash and piled up on top of my head so I didn't get involved in that.

The baroque-style earrings and plain gold midi and band rings are from a Manchester-based boutique called Style B4 Fashion who have a shop in Afflecks Palace. For anyone outside of Manchester you can buy online too.

Are you a fan of Tia Maria?


Foxy x

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Manchester Fashion Week 2014: Day Two


This post's been a bit delayed, sorry about that.

So this comes from the amazing Saturday I had during the Easter weekend. I had such a great weekend, eating, drinking, socialising and generally being merry (can you use the word merry outside the Christmas period?).

My Saturday began with brunch on the house courtesy of Secret D'or- a carefully-curated luxury fashion treasure trove of independent designers.

They'd kindly invited some of us Manchester bloggers for a chat over some amazing food at Solita in the Northern Quarter. Solita was already a massive fave of mine and has a really good name for itself in Manchester as a hidden gem for indulgent food- actually really fits the Secret D'or ideology.

They put on an amazing menu for us. I started with fried shrimp and followed with Solita's 'KFB' burger; a monster burger with melted Monterey Jack cheese, jalapenos, bourbon BBQ sauce and Kentucky fried bacon- yes that's right, Kentucky fried bacon!

This definitely fueled my day- I didn't need to eat anything else!

It was lovely to chat to the Secret D'or ladies and also to catch up with some of my fave blogger babes.

Stomach full, I went home to get changed for the big event; Manchester Fashion Week. There's not many who know the ins and outs of MCRFW's various trials and tribulations like I do, but it was finally happening and I was excited to see what would be in store.

The event was at the Hallé St. Peter's church which was actually a really lovely venue. A few of us gathered outside for some opportune outfit snaps.

Big thanks to Lily for taking the below photos outside as I didn't bring my camera!

Sunglasses- Ray Ban
Earrings- Gogo Phillip
Chain- charity shop
Jacket- Primark
Top- Evil Twin
Bag- gift from friend
Leggings- Tinned Bananas
Boots- Vagabond

Just realised that I've worn my Ray Ban wayfarers in the past few posts as well- I promise I have other shades. I'm one of those people who crack out the sunglasses as soon as there's the faintest ray of sunshine and these are my all-time faves.

With the beauts; Lily, Irena and Joanna

The calm before the storm

Me and the other bloggers had amazing seats on the frow! Sat more or less opposite Denise Welch of Loose Women fame no less. See if you you can spot her in the photos...

 Unfortunately I didn't take my camera so these shots are just from my phone.

There were so many brands showing on Saturday that I haven't included them all. See my highlights below.

The show opened with Sofia Douvari's designs. The couture-style dresses really kicked things off with a glamorous note.

Didi's Boutique had some gorgeous outfits, perfect for going out. I loved this hot pink scuba skirt!

The Horsebird featured cool branded unisex clothing.

Gin & Tonic vintage was one of my favourite sections in the show; particularly loved the black and gold jacket on the right.

Clare Baxter's showgirl-style costumes were a big highlight for me. The outfits were stunning with amazing attention to detail.

I'll also give Eustratia a little mention as I loved their show but ended up watching from the sidelines as they were on just after the interval and I didn't make it back to my seat in time! Eustratia make amazing latex garments in awesome candy colours.

Did you go to Manchester Fashion Week? I'd love to know what you thought!


Foxy x
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