Sunday, 25 January 2015

Interview with Susan Caplan: Vintage Jewellery


Something a little different on the blog today.

Regular readers might know of my long-standing love affair with vintage gold costume jewellery; so I was really exited to get the chance to interview vintage jewellery aficionado, Susan Caplan who is a renowned collector of vintage costume jewellery and sells under her self-titled brand.

I've long lusted after Susan's enviable collections of vintage YSL and Chanel pieces which she sells online at Admittedly, her jewels always seemed way out of my price range, though after spotting her more affordable range in collaboration with ASOS (and picking up a few pieces for myself in the winter sale), Susan Caplan jewellery has moved firmly onto my radar.

I asked the lady herself some questions, below.

TQRF: Susan, you grew up surrounded by style and design; what is it about jewellery, and vintage jewellery in particular, that interests you?
SC: The history draws me to it; there is a mystery behind each piece that I find very alluring. I began my career as an antique dealer and so my journey into vintage jewellery was a natural progression.

TQRF: You travel far and wide to source vintage jewellery; do you have any favourite places that you love to visit?
SC: I love Asia - and the US. I'm drawn to places that have a heartbeat - a great energy.

Above: Susan Caplan vintage Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent jewllery

TQRF: As a curator of vintage jewellery, you must have an impressive collection yourself; do you have any favourite pieces that you’d never be able to part with?
SC: I do have a particular soft spot for a pair of Alexis Kirk statement silver plated drop earrings - I'm always wearing a pair of impressive earrings but I have to say that the Alexis Kirk pair are my favourite.

TQRF: Your jewellery has been worn by some of the world’s most recognised women; who have you particularly enjoyed seeing wearing Susan Caplan pieces?
SC: I've loved seeing Claudia Schiffer wearing our pieces. I think she is timeless, elegant - hers is a career I have enjoyed watching over the years.

TQRF: Do you have any style icons that inspire your own look?
SC: I am constantly inspired by Diane Von Furstenburg and have been a fan since the beginning of her brand. My daughters have grown up with her dresses; they used to dress up in mine (and my mother's!) DVF dresses when they were little children. I find the prints and cuts are perfect for me.

TQRF: If you could raid any woman from history’s jewellery collection, whose would it be and why?
SC: Coco Chanel - she understood the true value of costume jewellery and created exquisite pieces. 

Above: Some of my favourite Susan Caplan designer pieces available on the website.

TQRF: The majority of pieces which make up your collections are by luxury brands such as Chanel, Versace and Yves Saint Laurent; how did your affordable range of jewellery for online retailer ASOS come about?
SC: I have always said that I hope to have something for everyone in my collections and so I didn't have to think for very long when I came across affordable vintage pieces that had never been worn. I have long enjoyed a relationship with ASOS and I knew instantly that the ASOS shopper was one who would love this range.

TQRF: Do you have any new collaborations or exciting brand plans in the pipeline for 2015?
SC: You'll have to stay tuned to find out!

Above: My pick of more affordable Susan Caplan pieces

Seen anything that's taken your fancy? Susan Caplan has offered my readers an exclusive 15% discount on her site. Simply enter FOX15 at the checkout.

Be quick, the code is only valid until 1st February and many of these true vintage pieces are one of a kind!



  1. Thank you for introducing me to this site and the designer - the jewellery is beautiful x

  2. Wow, I'd never heard of Susan before. Her jewellery is beautiful! The interview was lovely to read, finding a bit more about the person behind the stunning pieces!


  3. Never heard of Susan before, she sounds like a lovely lady. Love the jewellery


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