Tuesday, 7 July 2015

A Review: Silk Oil of Morocco Fibre Lash Mascara Kit


A rare beauty review from me today!

I've been hearing a lot about 'fibre mascara' recently so I was really interested to try Australian brand, Silk Oil of Morocco's own version - the Fibre Lash Mascara Kit.

My first introduction, of sorts, to fibre mascaras was the well known Moodstruck kit by Younique. The brand tend to sell through individual ambassadors so I've seen a lot about this one on social media - though it's important to say that I haven't actually tried it!

Silk Oil of Morocco have built themselves on the use of cold pressed organic argan oil in all of their products, which range from haircare to mineral cosmetics.

The fibre lash kit promises to enhance natural lashes with added lengh and extra volume. To achieve this, the kit (housed in a hinged sunglasses style case) comprises of two different tubes of product; one argan oil-infused black mascara and one tube of tiny fibres which stic to the lashes.

Silk of Morocco Fibre Lash Kit Wands
Argan Oil Fibre Lash Kit Before After
Above, I've applied the mascara fully to the lashes on my right eye with the fibres finishing the top lash line. On my left eye (note, my left eye is on the righthand side on the photos!) I have no mascara at all - just my natural lashes.
Fibre Lashes Mascara Result
Now, I've applied a normal mascara to my left eye so that you can see the difference. I would usually use my Benefit They're Real mascara but I think that it's so good, it wouldn't be a fair comparison! I've instead used a more standard drugstore volume mascara.

And here we have the full result:

Silk of Morocco Fibre Lash Kit Result
Silk of Morocco Fibre Lash Kit Result Makeup
I'm really pleased with the result! My lashes have loads more length and volume than even my favourite mascara can give.

Having heard a few negative things about other fibre mascaras, my biggest concerns were whether the fibres would stay on my lashes, whether they would irritate my eyes and how easy the product would be to remove.

I'm pleased to report that the fibres clung to my lashes really well and didn't irritate my eyes at all as I was careful to only apply the fibres to the mid-end lengths. You can also apply the fibres to the lower lashes but I didn't feel that I needed/wanted to.

This isn't a product I'd use everyday (not that you can't) but I've already used it loads on weekends and when going out for drinks and food, just for that extra wow factor. It's perfect for me as I hate false eyelashes - not that I don't like how they look, I just can't (and have never been able to) apply them. This mascara kit is the happy medium for me.

Have you tried a fibre mascara before? Let me know which one and what you thought of it as I'd love to try more.



  1. Oh my goodness! I can actually tell the difference between your bare lashes and the mascara. I am a serious mascara junkie, also helps it contains argan oil in it too to help nourish those lashes.


  2. You look incredible in all of these pictures! great piece lovely xxx


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