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UD X GWEN: Urban Decay | Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette


This post is all about an uber-exciting new product launch that beauty buffs and music fans are going to go crazy for!

I have always been a huge fan of No Doubt and by association, the absolute babe that is, Gwen Stefani. So imagine my excitement when a parcel from Urban Decay landed on my desk, containing the not-yet-released Gwen Stefani collaboration eyeshadow plaette* and a CD of No Doubt's greatest hits!

Urban Decay's eyeshadow palettes are pretty legendary (who hasn't heard of the iconic Naked range?) but collaborating with a music legend and style icon like Gwen on this limited edition has proved to be a really interesting, creative partnership.

For starters, what an incredible pairing. UD was founded in Southern California - where Gwen hails from! UD confess that they've been dying to collaborate with the singer for years. Her music started to gain popularity around the same time that the makeup brand was founded and was a real inspiration to the brand's core values of individuality, self-expression and creativity.

UD X Gwen eyeshadow palette

The Palette

The packing of the palette is awesome! Apparently Gwen had a hand in every part of the process and the packaging was no less important. The bold monochrome paired with the gold is so her.

I love that the casing has her personality and even little touches like a 'Magic's in the Makeup' quote on the mirror inside - another No doubt song.

UD X GWEN packaging paletteUD X GWEN palette case design

The Shades

There's quite a few nudes and neutral shades in the palette - which is pretty true to Gwen's style. She doesn't tend to wear coloured shadows and instead opts for a bold lip (usually red) as the focus of her look (keep your eyes peeled for a lipstick range too!).

The shades are really quite interesting, with most named by Gwen with some connection to her music; like the spangly gold colour '1987' which is the year No Doubt formed - I bet that makes some of you feel old! She says that she wore lots of gold during the days of the Rock Steady album.

I think my favourites of the bunch are 'Anaheim' (a matte taupe brown and also the place Gwen grew up), 'Steady' (a rose gold/brown shade with a subtle gold shimmer - and named after the Rock Steady album) and lastly, 'Danger' (the incredible metallic royal blue, the most daring in the palette).

I did a few swatches of the darker colours below. It's hard to pick up all the different finishes; the shades have so many facets - irridescent shimmers and sparkles which have a beautiful sheen in the light.

UD X GWEN eyeshadow shades
UD X GWEN eyeshadow colour shades
UD X GWEN eyeshadow swatches


All in all I think this is a really versatile palette and considering it's a limited edition collab, it's really classic too.

The colours are really pigmented and have great staying power (made even better with UD's eyeshadow primer that I was lucky enough to get hold of recently). I can see this palette being a real go-to for day or night.

The palette retails at £40. You can sign up to be notified by email for its launch on Urban Decay's site - I anticipate it's going to be really popular!

Gwen's look has always struck me as really bold but classic. She's not afraid of colour and has always lead the way in terms of crazy and controversial outfits, though her make-up tends to be very classic - like old Hollywood with a rockabilly twist. I love her signature combination of winged black eyeliner, bold red lips and strong brows (well, in recent years - she definitely rocked the noughties skinny brow trend at the time!).

Below are some of my favourite beauty looks from Gwen over the years; from the crazy blue hair, bindi and space buns, to classic bombshell.

Gwen Stefani makeup
Gwen Stefani No Doubt shoot
Gwen Stefani blue hair bindi festival
Gwen Stefani makeup pink

Are you a Gwen Stefani fan?



  1. I don't use eyeshadow but I have to just say that Gwen looks amazing still... does she ever age?? :P


  2. I LOVE these colours! I am very much all about nude tones at the moment when it comes to eye shadow. I shall definitely be keeping an eye out for it :)

  3. I love the packaging! This looks like a really ideal palette, lots of nudes but still some colour to make things interesting! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  4. OH GOSH. So I'm the biggest Gwen Stefani/No Doubt fan. She once pointed at me at a gig in Cardiff (I was front row and wearing LAMB) and called me her favourite. DIES.

    This palette is just beautiful, my work colleague also got sent this palette for review! What an epic collabo, it feels like I've been using UD for over 10 years (I have) but never have I been so excited about a release. The colours are awesome, there's only one I'm not sure I'd use!

    Tara x


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