Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Roses are Red: Romantic Wrap Dress & Market Days


As it's Valentine's Day, I wanted to post about this romantic look featuring a red rose print wrap dress from Joy.

Not everyone is such a fan of Valentine's. Personally while I'm not a fan of the commercial side, I really like the sentiment it can bring out and I think anything which prompts a bit more expression of love and makes people appreciate and celebrate the love they feel for others is fine by me!

Valentine's Day will now forever be of a greater significance to me as on this day last year, I got engaged! It's now just five months (tomorrow) until we get married which has come up soo quickly.

Fedora hat - Primark
Floral wrap dress - Joy the Store
Boots - Topshop

I wore this for a stroll around Altrincham market on a crisp Saturday morning.

I think this is the first time I've posted about the market. We moved to Altrincham in May last year and I honestly feel so lucky to be able to stroll up the road and find all this on my doorstep!

When we moved, we were looking to move somewhere a little nicer (we'd been living in Manchester student central a.k.a Fallowfield for nearly five years!) where it was easy to pop out for a nice drink or meal. I was a little dubious about moving further out of the city but with us being at the end of the tram line, going into Manchester city centre is just a short ride away.

I'm a big fan of a market in general - but Altrincham's is next level! It's won various awards and has put this little South Manchester town firmly on the map.

My favourite vendors at the market have to be Honest Crust (the BEST wood-fired pizzas), Wolfhouse Kitchen (where the dreamy lattes and hazelnut chocolate cannolis above are from), Merri (for cute illustrated stationary) and Chloe Robinson Flowers.

Have you visited the market - which stalls are your favourite?



  1. Such a beautiful frock!! Enjoy the wedding prep and big day, it'll be over before you know it.

    T x

  2. I love Alty market!! And this outfit is perfect - you really suit hats!

  3. This dress is stunning on you. I've never visited Altrinham market. Must put it on my list.

  4. Look lovely Katie! P.s I LOVE Altrincham market- need to see you sooooon xx


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