Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Review: Worsley Marriott - The Best Hotel Breakfast in the North West?


So today I'm talking breakfast.

I'll be honest, breakfast isn't something I usually get excited about. More often than not, I'll tend to scoff down a packet of breakfast biscuits or have a bit of bland cereal at work for nothing more than a little fuel 'til lunchtime - on a weekend, I might treat myself to a bit of toast, that's your lot.

However, a hotel breakfast is a WHOLE other story. I think it's probably because I've usually paid for it within my room rate (and you know, get what you can for your money *read* typically tight northerner) and so it seems perfectly reasonable to eat as much as humanly possible at the breakfast buffet...

Skinflintedness aside, perhaps it's more the veritable wealth of tantalising and varied options available at most hotel buffets that does it for me. I mean, being presented with an array of breakfast items of the savoury, sweet, hot and cold varieties certainly put my plain Shredded Wheat (other boring wheat-based cereals are available) with almond milk to shame.

And so what usually ensues goes a little like this; "I'll start with a bit of toast with my coffee", "ooh I think I'm going to go continental! A few pastries with some meat, cheese and yogurt", "well I might as well have a bowl of cereal too", "that fruit looks too fresh and amazing to miss out on", "I suppose a bit of cooked breakfast won't hurt either, I need to set myself up for the day after all!" You get the picture.

Anyway, hopefully this gives some understanding of my unhealthy, irrational love of a hotel breakfast so when I heard that a hotel on our doorstep in Manchester had been voted 'The Best Breakfast in the North West' by search site, Trivago - I knew I had to check it out*...

We started with some delicious fresh pastries, of which there were several varieties, along with some strong coffee, of course.

I also decided on some fresh fruit and greek yogurt before moving onto the cooked options. There was certainly a lot of choice in this area; toast with all kinds of preserves, cereals with a broad range of toppings like nuts and seeds, porridge, muffins, cheeses and breads, as well a good choice of gluten free options.

However, I did my best to be restrained in order to leave some room for our host, Mark's recommendation - a made to order, fresh omelette from the central omelette bar.

I didn't need much convincing in choosing the house special which was made with locally sourced black pudding and blue cheese - two things I absolutely love!

Chris went for the same choice and we both agreed it was one of the best omelettes we'd tasted. We were so full after the omelettes which proved to be a tasty and satisfying set-up to the day!

Now, it would be fair to say that living in Manchester, neither of us has much call to stay over locally and it's therefore hard to say for sure whether this really is the best hotel breakfast in the North West!

What I can say is that the Worsley Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club makes a damn good breakfast!

Do you go to town on a breakfast buffet?


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