Thursday, 31 May 2018

Bongo's Bingo - Manchester's Most Fun Night Out?


Coming at you with a review that's a little different today!

I was kindly invited down to Bongo's Bingo* at Manchester's Albert Hall so that I could share my experience with you lovely lot.

So what is Bongo's Bingo, exactly? Well, I'd say it's a cross between a rave, bingo hall gaming and a risqué comedy show - throw in alcohol, rowdy crowd-participation and even a box or two of Coco Pops and you've got yourself a fun-filled night!

This time I popped along after work on a weeknight so it was ever so slightly less raucous (only slightly!).

Bongo's Bingo Albert Hall Manchester
Bongo's Bingo Albert Hall Manchester
Bongo's Bingo Albert Hall Manchester

Firstly, it has to be said that the Albert Hall is just the most stunning venue. The Grade II listed Wesleyan chapel has been lovingly restored by the folks behind neighbouring venue Albert's Schloss and still retains a lot of the original features, like the amazing stained glass windows.

Pleasantries aside, time for bingo! 

Night Out Bongos Bingo

 So what went on? The night saw several dance-offs, a glow stick-filled interlude and of course, loads of off-the-wall prizes - which on the night included a life-size cut-out of daytime TV king, Phillip Schofield; a huge inflatable dinghy and a Henry Hoover! Of course there were also traditional prizes like cash and even a holiday up for grabs too!

It's difficult to capture just how fun Bongo's Bingo really is. Looking back at my photos, I've missed confetti cannons, balloons, mass singalongs, table dancing and shouting profanities at total strangers (absolutely necessary and encouraged for the faux-winners!) - all I can say is that I was too busy joining in!

The night is absolute mayhem from start to finish but it's completely brilliant.

Bongo's Bingo in Manchester
Manchester's most fun night out

Crazy, chaotic and a whole lot of fun - Bongo's Bingo is an absolute must do. I guarantee that your face will hurt from laughing at the end of the night!

You'll want to book tickets so be sure to check out the upcoming dates in Manchester - and great news for anyone outside of the city, Bongo's Bingo tours the country so it's likely there's an event close by!

Have you been to Bongo's Bingo or is it something you think looks like fun?



  1. Bloody love Bongos bingo!! I went last year and it was a right laugh. I wanted to win the coco pops... and the cash of course. I think they do extra events in Liverpool you know? I'm so sure my pals tried to book me into a silent disco ran by the same guys but it was booked up. Hope they bring it to Manchester.

    Jess x

  2. This looks a brilliant event. I’ll keep an eye out for the next one. xx


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